Emotional Calm Inhaler

Emotional Calm Inhaler

Take a deep breath and listen to your inner guidance… You’ve got this!

Use this serene inhaler with catnip oil to move through challenging times with grace and strength.





Drop the essential oils onto the cotton wick of a personal inhaler.


Reassemble the inhaler containing the oil soaked wick.


Use the inhaler throughout the day when looking to calm your emotions.

Safety and dilution

No known safety issues.

Kid safety: Safe for kids over 5. Decrease to a total of 8-10 drops.

Shelf Life

2-6 months. If the aroma starts to lessen, feel free to add the same oils to the same cotton wick as a refresher, or use a new cotton wick. However, we do recommend changing out the entire inhaler after 1 year, or if changing blends.

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