Rumbly Belly Relief Lotion

Rumbly Belly Relief Lotion

Calm muscle spams associated with a distressed elimination system.

These oils work to stabilize a distressed digestive and elimination system and help calm related spasms, making this blend so helpful when experiencing belly distress!





Combine essential oils in 2 fl oz of unscented lotion.


Mix with a clean stir rod or metal spoon.


Rub blend on belly every hour as needed for relief.

Safety and dilution

This blend was created at a 3% dilution. We recommend patch testing on a small area of skin to ensure there isn't a negative reaction.

Kid safety: For kids between the ages of 5 and 10, we recommend 2 drops opopanax, 2 drops roman chamomile, 2 drops lavender.

Shelf Life

The ingredient with the shortest shelf life remaining becomes the shelf life of the entire blend.

Jennifer Williams
Lead Educator & Content Creator
Jenny has always had a passion for learning and teaching. She spent years as a high school English teacher, helping people learn new skills, and developing a classroom culture built on trust and collaboration. On a trip to a distillery in Provence, France, Jenny decided to devote herself to aromatherapy after watching distillers transform pink roses into stunning essential oil and hydrosol; and being moved by their passion. She earned her aromatherapy certification at the Aromahead Institute and joined the team at Aromatics International as a co-owner, content creator, and educator. Jenny also serves as an Instructor at the Aromahead Institute.

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