Sweet n' Spicy Chest Rub Lotion

Sweet n' Spicy Chest Rub Lotion

Clear airways and nurture immune support with this sweet and spicy blend.

Apply this blend to the chest for welcome respiratory relief during a cold or flu. The synergy of these beautiful essential oils works to clear the airways, soothe inflammation, and purify viral activity.





Blend the essential oils together in 2 fl oz of unscented lotion.


Mix with a clean stir rod or metal spoon.


Apply to the chest several times daily as needed.

Safety and dilution

This blend was created at a 3% dilution. We recommend a small patch test to ensure there is no skin sensitivity. Because of the Saro, use cautiously with asthmatics.

Kid safety: This blend is safe for kids 10 and over.

Shelf Life

The ingredient with the shortest shelf life remaining becomes the shelf life of the entire blend.

Amelia Zenk
Customer Support Specialist
Amelia is one of our customer support specialists, as well as one of our on staff certified aromatherapists. In 2012, she earned her Esthetician license, but wanted to further her learning in other holistic areas. When a job opened up at Aromatics International, it was a perfect fit! She loves sharing her passion for skincare and essential oils with others. In her spare time, she loves cooking healthy meals, spending time in nature, and watching movies with her husband and furry kitty.


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